Officials Request Form


This system is a service to Clubs Affiliated to Volleyball England.
If you are not affiliated please follow this link.

Use this form to request Officials for your confirmed Volleyball Matches.

Please try and give the Referee Administrator at least 1 week to find a Referee.
However, later requests will be accepted, but are less likely to be met.
Requesting referees more than 3 weeks ahead of the match is not a good idea, as referees availability can change over that length of time.
So they are less likely to commit that far ahead.

The service is part of the benefit for Clubs Affiliated to Volleyball England.

This form is designed for use on London League and National League matches but can be used for other events too.
However, assistance is going to be more difficult for those well outside of London.

If you want more information on this system click here.
Please do not contact referees direct rather use this form.

As from the start of 2015-16 Season the rate for referee is
25 = 18.50+6.50 (as a base for travel), but the travel is negotiable.
(some referees may be willing to make a long journey!)
Appointed scorers 15
Line Judges 10

Also note that this form uses Javascript.

To: Referee Administrator
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Home Team*
Away Team*
Warm Up Time* Start Time* Booking end*
If this is a new Venue for a request, please let us have directions.
Number of referees to be appointed in total for the match.
Line Judges
Other information (Eg. Names of those already appointed.
or total number for a tournament.
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